We Want to Make World Wide Manga!


Our Dream

Nice to meet you!

Thank you very much for coming to see this sentence.

We are a cartoonist unit “Sea Turtle” in Japan.

We have read many comics since we were children.
Manga cuddles up us on sad day, and encourages us when we want to do our best.

Not only us but a lot of Japanese children grow up with manga.
Manga is Japanese culture.

We however thought there.
We doubt we should keep the culture of manga only in Japan.

There is more possibility in manga, is not it?
There are popular manga in the world such as “Naruto” “Dragon Ball”.
And in Japan, there are more and more interesting cartoons.

Our dream.
It is making the world full of cartoons.

We draw manga for the dream.

The cartoons that we draw are a little different from so-called Japanese cartoons.
Our manga are not manga to be read only by Japanese.

We draw manga to be read by people all over the world.
We would like to draw comics for everyone who came here today.

Any 7 billion people has 7 billion kinds of mind.
We want them to read our comics and think about various things.
And manga is fun! I want you to know that.

Thank you so much for reading so far.

Members of Sea Turtle


Story writer.
There are thousands of cartoons at home.
He belongs to volunteer circle and has abroad experience abroad.
Even he makes gangsters laugh.


Web programmer.
Since he was small he have touched the web and I have seen that possibility.
He started reading web comic books from 2005.
He frequently go to Akihabara and Comic Market (Comiket).


He respects Naruto and many JUMP Manga.
Even though he is teenagers, he could draw up manga.
He have promising future.

First of all, why not connect with SNS?

If you are interested in our activities, first of all, why not connect with SNS?

Let’s talk about Japan about any manga.
We also want to know about you.

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Thank you! 🙂